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Help for a drop of water
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Help for a drop of water
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Please click the following image to go to our donation page at Indiegogo.com. Thanks for the support!        


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Ethiopia has the fast growing economy but is still one of the world’s poorest countries with 23 million people living below the national poverty line. The no of population reaches 80 million, of whom 84% live in rural areas being chronically poor and not meeting its annual food needs. A critical cause of this impoverishment and food insecurity is low agricultural growth and productivity arising from the cumulative effects of vulnerability to moisture stress, an over dependence on rain-fed agriculture and lack of income to invest in agricultural productivity. In most regions of the country Access to clean water is as low as 30%.

Find out more about potable water shortage calamities in the country


Vision and Mission PDF Print E-mail

The vision is to see people in Ethiopia with health, dignity, hope and prosper.

The mission is to advocate for using clean and potable water to the rural people and protection of the environments, and campaign against the impact of water borne diseases that had been degrading physical and emotional wellbeing of the rural women and school children.

Purpose PDF Print E-mail

Its very purpose for existence is to access clean water and empower local women and school girls, alleviate water born disease and improve children’s health by creating access to safe water such as better health, education, nutrition).

This Ethiopian University students initiative organization believes that university students power and participation in developmental issue ofcommunity is great courage, exposure, honor, privilege and moral obligation to give back its own community.


General Objective PDF Print E-mail

·   The General Objective is to contribute to the eradication of poverty and improvement of target populations quality of life through the provision of potable water, which will in turn improve the status of women by reducing work burden of women in the household and through creating time for girls to have access to education and reduced morbidity that is caused by preventable water born disease.

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